Drink Bottles

Water only, in named drink bottles. Children have access to these throughout the day. 


Morning and Afternoon Tea

KidzWay provides morning and afternoon tea for your child, at a small charge of $1.00 per day. It is our aim to promote healthy and nutritious eating for all children. We provide fruit and vegetable platters with a variety of fresh, seasonal produce and these may be complemented with either cheese and crackers or some baking that the children have helped to make. A record of food served is recorded daily on a chart available in the kitchen.

We are aware that some children have allergies and we endeavour to work around these, providing alternatives where possible. 



Children need a healthy and nutritious lunch packed in their named lunchbox. It is useful to have your child’s food in easy-to-manipulate packaging and named unbreakable containers. We encourage reusable containers to help reduce waste. Please NO plastic wrap.
Please provide plenty of lunch as your child may well eat more at KidzWay than they would at home. Feel free to discuss this with the teachers.
The fridge is available for perishable foods, and the oven is available to heat food in. Place food needing refrigerating in the fridge, and food to be heated by the oven when you arrive. Please ensure that you tell the staff about any such foods, that you write your child’s name on the board provided under the kitchen servery in the Centre, and that these items are clearly NAMED.

Ideas for a nutritious lunchbox:

If you can, supply your child with a variety of food from the following food groups:

  • Breads and Cereals
  • Milk and Milk Products
  • Lean Meats, Chicken, Seafood, Eggs, Legumes and Seeds
  • Vegetables and Fruit

This will mean that, along with the provided morning and afternoon tea, your child will be meeting their daily nutritional requirements for their time at KidzWay.

Here are some suggestions for your child’s lunchbox:

• Sandwiches, Pita bread, Rolls/buns, Foccacia, Wraps  • Bagels, Crumpets, English muffins  • Mini Scones, Savoury Muffins, Pikelets
• Pasta - Macaroni, Spaghetti • Rice • Pizza
Milk/Milk Products:
• Sliced or Grated Cheese • Cottage Cheese • Cheese Toasties • Custard • Quiches • Yoghurt • Cheese and Crackers
Lean Meats/Chicken/Seafood/Eggs/Legumes/Seeds:
• Hummus and vegetable sticks • Cold chicken • Boiled egg • Baked Beans • Tuna Salad

Foods which are discouraged: 

Foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt (for example: pies, chips, sausage rolls) should only be included occasionally in your child’s lunchbox. In addition, we discourage the following foods: instant noodles, sweets, roll-up fruit strips, soft drinks, any highly orange or red coloured foods such as Twisties (these have been associated with hyperactivity).

We are a NUT FREE Centre, so please check food ingredients carefully (‘traces of nuts’ is fine). This includes spreads such as ‘Nutella’ and peanut butter. Please save these for at home. Any food containing nuts will be removed and given back to you at the end of the day.