Settling In

The more comfortable you are at KidzWay Early Learning Centre, the more at home your child will feel, and we want your child to feel that KidzWay is their home away from home. It is important that your child spends time at the Centre with you on a couple of occasions before they start on their own. Please feel free to visit the Centre as many times as you feel necessary before your child starts. You and your child are most welcome to visit at any time as long as you are with them. Parents are welcome to use the whanau room to help ease into this transition (see A-Z of Useful Information).

The settling-in process varies for each child. Please communicate with the staff to make this as smooth as possible. One of the most important aspects of leaving your child at the Centre is saying “Good bye”. Please do not prolong the “Good bye”; tell your child that you are leaving and when you will be back. Give them a hug/kiss and remember to SMILE. Inform one of your child’s teachers that you are leaving so that they can give your child extra support and involve them in an activity. It is often difficult for parents to leave their children and we encourage you to call as often as you wish to hear how your child is getting on. It is important to allow your child to show you things of interest, so please allow them time to do so during pick-ups and drop-offs. Please feel reassured that we will always contact you if your child finds it difficult to settle.