Newsletter No. 3 - June 2019

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can get to the father except through me.” John 14:6

Kia Ora Families and Whanau

Half way through the year folks…unbelievable!! The children have loved autumn and all the crafts and activities; winter is no different with lots of rugged-up fun and learning to be had. Please read on for details and events over the next month or so.

A BIG WELL DONE to Natwick, Robbie and Tanya for all the hard work in bringing KidzWay’s new website and closed Facebook Page to life. Check out the website at, and send a request to join our Facebook Page if you haven’t already.

The children are learning about the virtues of respect and responsibility, which all tie in very nicely with our monthly visits to RibbonWood. ….Keep warm….

Ka Kite, Denise (Head Teacher), Josanne, Michelle, Alison, Nicky, Sally, Fiona and Kay (Teachers) and Kath (Administrator)

Wig Wednesday/Wacky Hair Days!

This year we will run this event over three days:

Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 (Wig Wednesday) and Thursday 20 June.

Please send your child along with a wacky hair-do or a wig on any of these days. If you run out of time in the morning, one of our talented staff hairdressers will whip something up for your child. Gold coin donation towards Child Cancer – thank you.

Lantern Festival

The children are always excited about this event on our KidzWay calendar. This year we plan to hold the Lantern Festival on Friday 5th July at Church on the Way, Sussex St Tapanui, starting at 5:30pm.

This is a lovely family event celebrating “Jesus, Light of the World”/Matariki. We start with a simple meal, a song or two and then the story of “Martin the Cobbler” is told in the dark lantern-lit church. We finish the evening with a walk around the block, holding our lanterns shining out into the darkness! If your child does not have a lantern, please come into the Centre to make one ASAP before the event - full instructions and help are available. Please also see KidzWay’s entrance hallway for more details. Please bring a gold coin donation for tea – thank you.

PS This event is for KidzWay-aged children. You are welcome to bring older siblings along, providing they respect the younger children and the guidelines for the evening.

2019 Parenting Tool Box Course

Fantastic! Five families have indicated that they are keen to attend this year’s Parenting Course, with the June/July period suiting them best. The dates we are proposing are Wednesday nights from 7:30pm-9:00pm; 26 June-31 July. So don’t delay! Please confirm your attendance on the form in the foyer. Depending on what the group wants, it can be halted over the school holidays. Recommended fees are $110 per couple or $75 per single - don’t let cost be a hindrance to your attendance as subsidies are available. Denise and Michelle look forward to bringing this helpful course to you.

Ngahere Explorers Foot Wear

Please ensure your child is wearing gumboots without holes in them and also warm socks. We are finding a number of children with very cold and sometimes wet feet. Please take advantage of the “wool boot liners” offer from Farmlands (information by glass board in foyer). Plus KidzWay does have a supply of spare gumboots for you to loan should your child’s ones not be at their best.

Term Three Ngahere Explorers – Parent Meeting

Ngahere Explorers will take place on Wednesdays next term, starting on Wednesday 24 July. We will be holding a short meeting for parents of Wednesday four-year-olds at 9:00am on Wednesday 17 July. At this meeting we will outline the details of the programme and the part you will be playing in it.

How to Teach Children the Correct Way to Form Letters

A copy of the guidelines for how to teach your child the correct formation of their letters has been placed in the foyer – please feel free to take a copy. Remember a capital letter at the start, and the rest in lower case. Please avoid teaching children in BLOCK CAPITALS. It is so much easier for children to learn the correct way first, than it is to break old habits later. Check out our Facebook parenting tips coming out this week for more details.

Policies Currently Under Review

Fire Evacuation/Fire Emergency Response

Bomb/Arson Threat or Other Phone Warnings Response

Civil Defence Emergency Response

Violence/Personal Threat/Physical Assault Response

Death Serious Injury/Medical Emergency Response

Armed Intruders/Intruders Response

Missing Child Emergency Response

Storm/Major Failure of Power, Phone, Water Response

Flood Emergency Response

Pandemic/Medical Emergency Response

Hazardous Material Emergency Response

Emergency Contact List

Thank You To…

· The four families who gave up their time to help at the KidzWay Annual Lend a Hand Day on Saturday 18 May. The driveway, barked areas, weeded gardens, clean verandah curtain and swept-out sheds look so much better.

· The families who supported our recent Quiz night – we raised over $1200 for children’s resources.

· The Tapanui Fire Station team for our informative visit to the Fire Station.

Dates for your Calendar:

Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 June: Wacky Hair Days and Wig Wednesday.

26 June – 31 July 2019 (Wednesday nights): Parenting Tool Box Course, 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Friday 5 July: Lantern Festival at Church on The Way, 5:30pm. Please bring a gold coin donation for tea.

Wednesday 17 July: Ngahere Explorers Parent Meeting, 9:00am.

Wednesday 24 July: Ngahere Explorers starts for Term 3.

“How important it is for kids to know that they are not the centre of the universe.”


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