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Newsletter No. 4 - September 2021

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Kia Ora Whānau and Families

What an unpredictable ol’ time we’ve been having - we hope you all weathered the lockdown well. Isn't it great to be out and about and back at KidzWay, albeit at Level 2! We really hope the posts on the private Facebook group were helpful. Please give us some feedback (verbal or email) on what was helpful and what you may like to see if there were further lockdowns!!

Otherwise please read on to catch up on current news.

Ka Kite, Denise (Head Teacher), Michelle, Alison, Nicky, Sally, Fiona, Vanessa and Kay (Teachers), Taylah (Teacher Aide) and Kath (Administrator)


KidzWay Fundraisers

Unfortunately we were unable to have our yearly quiz fundraiser due to lockdown. :( But we have been given the opportunity to provide marshalls for a motocross event in Riversdale on October 31 2021. We need 10-12 volunteers to sit at various points around the track. Full training and walkie talkie use will be given on the day. It’s an easy fundraiser and will raise over $1000 to purchase new resources for our tamariki. Please let Denise know if you can help.


Wig Wednesday and Wacky Hair Days

These fun days will now be held on:

Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22 (Wig Wednesday) and Thursday 23 September.

Please send your child along with a wacky hair-do or wig on any of these days. If you run out of time in the morning, one of our talented staff hairdressers will whip something up for your child. Gold coin donation towards the Child Cancer Foundation - thank you.


KidzWay AGM at Level 2

The KidzWay AGM is to be held at the Centre on Tuesday 21 September, 7:30pm. Reports will be read and there will be a short Q and A time available to attendees. Following Level 2 requirements, there will be no special presentations or supper.


Te Reo Māori Words and Phrases Commonly Used at KidzWay

Mōrena or Ata Mārie - good morning Kaiako - teacher Ka kite ano - see you again

Whānau - family Makiriri - cold Hiakai - hungry

Tamariki - children Pukapuka - book

Akonga - student Pōtae - hat

Ka pai - good / Tino pai - very good Horoia ō ringaringa - wash your hands


Staffing at KidzWay

  • The time has come for Kath, our wonderful, amazing Administrator, to have some new adventures. :( We will miss her and all the fabulous skills and abilities she brings to KidzWay. As much as we don’t want to let her go, she leaves with our blessing and best wishes.

  • Please keep the word out that KidzWay is still looking for a cleaner. Approximately 2 hours per night; ring or call into the Centre for a job description.


Friendly Reminders :)

  • Please remember to scan in using the QR Code poster or fill out the contact tracing register when you enter the Centre.

  • Please check the lost property regularly. (It's amazing how fast this grows, but it does not go!!)

  • We are required to keep an up-to-date immunisation register. If your child has had their four-year-old immunisations recently, please bring in their Well-Child book so we can make a copy of their record.


Thank You…

  • KidzWay community for supporting our First Aid Kit fundraiser - we raised $397.23 which will be put towards resources for the children.

  • Patrick Sloane for taking the photos at our Lantern Festival.

  • To all the staff and are amazing! Thank you for your ongoing willingness to clean KidzWay each day, as we still wait to fill the position.


Dates for your Calendar:

Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 September: Wacky Hair Days and Wig Wednesday: gold coin donation for Child Cancer Foundation

Tuesday 21 September: KidzWay Trust AGM, 7:30pm

Monday 25 October: Labour Day - CENTRE CLOSED

Sunday 31 October: Marshalls needed for Riversdale motocross event

Wednesday 22 December: KidzWay closes for 2021

Monday 17 January: KidzWay re-opens for 2022


“A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.”




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