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Newsletter No. 4 - September 2022

“God Loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but have eternal life”

John 3:16


Kia Ora Whānau and Families.

It's been great to have warmth from the sun between the wintery days that have not completely disappeared yet! Hang in there; summer is on its way!!

I’m sure those of you who made it will agree that the Gruffalo and 3 Little Pigs show was a great success. Well done teachers and children for all your hard work. It sounds like the Gruffalo crumble, roasted fox, owl ice cream and scrambled snake went down a treat.😃

Wacky Hair Days and Wig Wednesday were fun. It was amazing to see the creative hair-dos a lot of our little people (and big people) came with. Thanks for your donations. KidzWay has been able to contribute $72.50 to Child Cancer.

Please send those family photos in for our Whānau Tree. It is nowhere near as full as it could be, do join our wall of fame :) Thanks.

Ka Kite, Denise (Head Teacher), Michelle, Alison, Nicky, Sally, Fiona, Vanessa (Teachers) and Manja (Administrator)


$$$$$$ The Season for KidzWay Fundraising $$$$$$

This year and into next year, KidzWay has been blessed to take part in some significant fundraising opportunities. With the A & P Show cancelled last year, due to the lock down, we have still retained our selection for the PGG Wrightson Auction at the show. Hazel Scott and a few helpers had started work on gaining sponsorship last year, but would love a few more families to support the work of gaining sponsorship/prizes and manning the BBQ on the day. To contact Hazel please email:

You also would have noticed that the teachers have been putting together a kitchen tour of 12 new or renovated kitchens on Saturday 5th November. So to reduce costs, please help by letting your family and friends know and sharing our advertisement from the open KidzWay page to your FB posts. Apart from the Blue Mountain Express your advertising is the only advertising we are doing. Also please donate towards the raffles (non perishable food items and homewares.) Many thanks.

Lastly, the biggest opportunity is SHEAR 4 A CAUSE. This is a shear-a-thon happening over 2 days in February 2023. KidzWay was fortunate to be nominated and accepted as one of six recipients to benefit from this event.

We will be sending you an email soon regarding these wonderful, one off fundraisers with details and links, for you to consider how you could be involved, sponsor or promote these events to support KidzWay. As shared at our AGM this week, we only just broke even this year and this was due to some significant donations and hard earned fundraising money. At this stage, ECE, especially stand alone not for profit centres, like KidzWay, struggle with government underfunding and we will require parent and community support into the future.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration of these events.


Tool Box : Parenting Course

Date: Tuesday Nights at 7.30 pm: 11,18, 25th October & 1st November

tips for engaging cooperation Tool Box COURSE the “V” of Love

What's your parenting style? Sergeant Major, Parent Coach, Jellyfish, Parent too Busycus!

Sign up today!! don't let this opportunity go by to learn strategies right from the get go! …Come and gather practical skills, advice, and tools to pop into your parenting tool box to empower you to be the great parent your child needs you to be.

Please pop your name on the list in the foyer. So Denise can order a manual for you.

Cost: $110.00 a couple and $75.00 a single. Financial support may be available; see Denise.


Ngahere Explorers

There is only 2 week left of Term 3 for Ngahere Explorers (Bush Explorers) programme. It will start again for Term 4 on Thursdays 20th October for our ten oldest 4-year-olds.

Parents whose child has not attended Ngahere before will have received an email invitation to a short briefing with Denise on Thursday 13th October at 9am. At the meeting, Denise will explain the programme, expectations, and requirements for your child and parent help.

To those who have had children attend Ngahere Explorers in the past, please read over the paperwork that Manja has placed in your parent pockets in the foyer to refresh you on the “need to know.” Thank you!


One Way Loop System and Masks

It is great news to hear the government has removed the Covid-19 Protection Framework.👏

For KidzWay this now means you can exit the building from both foyer and side gate exits. From a practical point of view the one way loop system did reduce congestion and noise around the table areas, which was a plus, but we also know it was a pain carrying dirty footwear through the centre. So feel free to use the exit of your choice.

Mask wearing is now at your discretion. If you need to protect yourself from potential infection or spreading infection, please feel free to wear a mask. Note the picture to the left which the Ministry of Health promotes.

Lastly, thank you for working with us and being so flexible as we have worked through the different Covid levels and risk mitigations. You have been great. We appreciate it😊


A big Thank-You to…

  • Kristy McKenzie for helping with Wig Wednesday hair styles,

  • Neville Alderton for showing us through the Ambulance and new St John building,

  • Dion O’Leary, Barry Munro, Donna Wallace, Brendon Stuart and Mike Van der Linden, for their fabulous demonstrations and tour of all things fire truck and station,

  • Graeme Smith for making a new pommel for the flying fox,

  • Dion O’Leary for welding up our wheelbarrows and making a grill over the sump in our front lawn,

  • Hazel Scott for organising sponsorship toward the PGG auction at the upcoming A & P Show,

  • Jasmine Beamsley O’Brien for helping with creating advertising for the Kitchen Tour.

“Proof that it certainly takes a village to raise a child!”


Dates for your Calendar:

Monday 26 September: Memorial Day for Queen Elizabeth II - CENTRE CLOSED

Thursday 20 October: Ngahere Explorers starts for term 4

Monday 24 October: Labour Day - CENTRE CLOSED

Tuesday 8 November: Pet Day

Wednesday 7 December: KidzWay Christmas Concert

Wednesday 21 December: KidzWay closes for 2022 @ 1pm

Monday 16 January: KidzWay re-opens for 2023


“The golden rule of parenting is - to always show your children the kind of person you want them to be”

Elizabeth Roxas.




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