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About Us

Our Story

KidzWay was established by a group from Church on the Way (Tapanui Presbyterian Church). The KidzWay Trust was formed in 2005 as a registered charity.


For the next three years the Trust focused on planning and fundraising with significant financial support from Church On The Way members. Grants were also received from the Ministry of Education, Community Trust South, Alexander McMillan Trust and Otago/Southland Presbyterian Synod.

KidzWay Early Learning Centre opened on 14th April 2008.

The church continues to support KidzWay Early Learning Centre in prayer and the church leadership provides spiritual oversight. When requested, we can assist families with referral to Church resources including: counselling, food bank, courses, etc. 


See A-Z for Church On The Way information.

Governance and Management

KidzWay is governed by the KidzWay Trust Board, which is made up of a minimum of three Trustees who are elected tri-annually by Church On The Way at their Annual General Meeting. Other board members are co-opted onto the Board. All Trustees act in a voluntary capacity.


The ratified Trustees are: Robbie Finlayson (Chairperson), Allan Richardson (Treasurer), Jane Stuart. 

The co-opted parent board members are: Aimee Keenan and Tiffany Hiri.


The Management team, consisting of the Head Teacher and a representative from the Trust, oversee the day-to-day operations of the Centre.

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