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Our Programme

The KidzWay centre programme is based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki, covering the principles of empowerment, holistic development, family, community and relationships.

We acknowledge the importance of biculturalism and the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and are inclusive of te reo and nga tikanga Māori in our planning for children.


Our Christian character is delivered through incorporating values, bible stories and prayer.

Children learn best through play, and our desire is to offer a programme that is engaging and ignites children’s curiosity.


Our programme is influenced by child, family, community interests and regular Centre events.


Teachers are skilled at weaving these and other important skills like social and emotional competence, and foundational skills into children’s learning.

We support our children in developing these values:

Resilience so they have the confidence to try new things, be adaptive, cope with change and persist with something even if it is difficult.

Respect so they can think and act in a positive way towards others, themselves and God’s creation.

A sense of Belonging so they know they matter and are valued for who they are, and feel connected to the world around them.

Creativity so they can think, imagine, explore and discover something new.

Curiosity so they have the drive to learn and to take the initiative to investigate how things work.

Annual Family / Whānau Events

  • Special Person's Night

  • Kaka Point Excursion

  • Easter Celebration

  • Lend a Hand Day  

  • Lantern Festival

  • Pet Day

  • Christmas Concert

Profile Books

Your child's profile teacher will create a profile book containing information about your child during their time at KidzWay. This is a celebration of your child’s holistic learning. 

 The book may contain:

  • Learning stories - these observations are written as a story about your child’s interests and learning as it develops over time

  • Art work collected during your child’s time at KidzWay

  • Photos to show your child’s work and interests

  • Parent input – parents/whānau are encouraged to add comments to their child’s book and work with teachers to plan ongoing learning.

  • Children's voice - children are encouraged to add their thoughts and comments on their learning

Special Extras

  • We use sustainable practices including recycling and growing a variety of fruit and vegetables in our garden.

  • Our weekly Ngahere Explorers Programme gives our four-year-olds the opportunity to explore the local bush.

  • We are passionate about supporting parents in their role, and offer a Parenting Toolbox Course annually. Visit The Parenting Place for more information. 

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