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Newsletter No. 2 - May 2022

Parental Love and Acceptance helps us to Love and Accept ourselves

From the book “Growing Great Families - Ian and Mary Grant


Kia Ora Whānau and Families

It is great to be back at almost full numbers at KidzWay. Our little two-year-olds are settling in, it is lovely to see the care and modeling that the older four-year-olds provide to their new friends.

Please update yourselves with our Snow Procedure (attached) for those winter months just around the corner. Thank you.

Ka Kite, Denise (Head Teacher), Michelle, Alison, Nicky, Sally, Fiona, Vanessa (Teachers), and Manja (Administrator)


Covid 19 RED to ORANGE survey

We will be sending out a consultation survey to all families to gather your thoughts and responses to the protections we have had in place before we make any changes to our drop off and pick up procedures.

The KidzWay Trustees meet this week to finalise this survey. Please look out for this and have your say.


Teacher Only Day

The Ministry of Education has granted Early Childhood Centres one funded day before the end of May. We have decided to take Monday, 16th May, to do professional development as a team. It is a great opportunity to maintain our freshness and update our teaching practices for the children. Thank You for your understanding! We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thankyou; You are all Stars

  • CORESTONE - Rocco Beneke for fixing our recent kitchen and laundry plumbing issues and not charging his time!

  • Dion O'Leary and Nick Murray for the final push to get the bike shed finished. :)

  • Neta Masunu for fixing the verandah soffits.

  • Tiff Hiri, Sara Beel, Kristy McKenzie, and Aimee Keenan who helped out at the Working Bee and also Donna Halder and Jacinda Brooks who did some of the left over jobs at times that suited them.

  • If anyone has a pitch fork and energy to spare. The barked area still needs to be “fluffed up” :)

  • Debra and Nathan Wilson for coming in and waterblasting the verandah and back concrete. Plus for a significant financial contribution from stock sales which is going to support our trainee teachers.

  • Rebekah Buchanan who, through a Ballance & PGG Wrightson initiative, earned the Centre $6000. This will go toward updating computers and laptops.

As you know we are a not for profit, Community Based Centre. The Ministry of Education funding is not meeting our expenses. Thus, any savings and any fundraising we do, help to keep the place and resources looking sharp for our children, families, and community.


Mainly Music

Tapanui Mainly Music runs Fridays 10.30am to 12pm during the school term at the Tapanui Presbyterian Church. See their facebook page, tapanui mainly music, for up to date information on sessions.


Policies Currently Under Review

Child Protection Policy and Procedure

Domestic Violence Procedure

Healthy Eating Procedure

:) You are welcome to view our policies and procedures any time :)


Dates for your Calendar:

Monday 16 May: Centre Closed for Teacher Only Day


“Jesus Christ is the exact copy of the unseen God. He lived before God made anything at all. Christ created everything in Heaven and Earth. He created the things we can see and the things we cant see. All Kings and kingdoms, rulers and powers were made by Christ. He made them for His own use and glory.” Colossians 1: 15-16





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